— Cultural Sources of Newness

Juni 2015 Monthly archive

How can one do justice to the multiplicity of experiences and discussions shared with a diverse mix of participants in a 2-day event to mark the end of a three-year experimental project on artistic interventions in organizations? The German intermediary “Unternehmen! KulturWirtschaft” at the beautiful Nordkolleg Rendsburg chose once again to try a new approach: they brought in Drej, a team of three young designers, to develop a pop-up art exhibition during the event. No-one knew in advance exactly what the artists’ process would be, nor what the outcome of their interaction with the content of the project, the space of the conference, and the participants would look like. It was a risky decision befitting the innovative approach to trusting the process that this intermediary had taken all along.


Drej team at work

2 members of Drej team at work in their in situ atelier

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