— Cultural Sources of Newness

Tag "arts and ways of knowing"

After I wrote my post about this year’s theme of Nichtwissen at the Kulturwissenschaftliches Kolleg, my WZB colleague Michael Hutter brought to my attention that the February issue of Economy and Society is dedicated to the topic of “strategic unknowing.” It turned out to be the beginning of a multisensory process of engagement with the topic for a few days. My fingers immediately reached out to the keyboard to download the introductory article (accessible free of charge from the journal website), then, pencil gliding across the page, I read it. My ears joined into the process of engaging with the topic that night, when I tuned into a recent edition of the BBC discussion program The Forum dedicated to the subject of ignorance with a neuroscientist, a novelist, and a microfinancier. A day later, a BBC interview with a Greek novelist unexpectedly helped me see into the heart of the matter.  

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