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My professional life has offered me many opportunities to participate in advisory board meetings: as an advisor, as an advisee, and as an observer. After another such meeting today at the beautiful Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Nantes, for a major research project about Competences for CSR undertaken jointly by Audencia Nantes and the Ecole Centrale Nantes,  I find it intriguing to look back and reflect on some of those experiences to consider the conditions that seem to favor the emergence of something new.


Simone Weil on science at Maison de la Science des Hommes Nantes

Simone Weil on science at Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Nantes

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When Berliners first saw the new WZB campus designed by James Stirling, they dubbed it “die Geburtstagstorte” (the birthday cake)–inspired by the timing (the 750th anniversary of the city) and the pink and blue stripes around several parts of the building that are reminiscent of thick layers of icing on a cake. When I went to the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart to speak at the 3rd Forum on “CSR und Kultur”  this week, I felt like I was visiting an older sibling of the WZB, because I was surrounded by familiar Stirling forms and colours. However, although we used many images during the presentations and discussions about the relationships between CSR and culture, “icing on the cake” was definitely not among them!

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

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