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One of the things that has occupied many of my days and nights over the course of the past two years is the Creative Clash project on artistic interventions in organizations. I have been participating as the research partner,  together with several colleagues in our  research unit at the WZB. Our role was to collect evidence of impacts of artistic interventions in organizations on the basis of existing publications—the project specifically excluded conducting new research, a somewhat perverse situation, given the paucity of available data and the difficulty of conducting such evaluations.

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I had no idea what to expect of the dinner invitation at the LoBe gallery in Wedding last night. What I discovered was a “a unique working framework that encourages artists to respond to each other’s art practices across a broad range of disciplines.”  Olivia Reynolds, artist and initiator of the gallery, and her team have developed a fascinating approach to curating the space for unusual interactions, including hosting beautiful and delicious dinners with the artists. About 25 guests talked animatedly, surrounded by the artwalls which David Mabb  and Henrik Schrat had just completed together during their month-long LoBe residency.


Dinner table awaiting LoBe guests, photo Brigitte Biehl-Missal

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