— Cultural Sources of Newness

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Under the theme of “Organizing in the shadow of power,” the 32nd EGOS conference  in Naples, Italy, July 7-9, 2016 offered multiple opportunities to consider the conditions under which occupied spaces can be sources of newness. More than 2,400 conference participants from around the world occupied essentially the entire Monte S. Angelo campus of the University of Naples Federico II. And during precisely those same days the fashion giant, Dolce & Gabanna,  occupied much of the seafront and the old town–with the help of innumerable police and security guards. The Arts, Design and Organizations  (ADO) track of EGOS continued its tradition of connecting to the host city, by visiting two very different cultural centers, one of which started when artists occupied a former monastery. What did we experience, and what can we learn from these various ways of occupying spaces?

Occupying spaces with arts and crafts in Naples

Discovering spaces to occupy with arts and crafts in Naples: LANIFICIO

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