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What better way to launch a book on Moments of Valuation than to introduce future readers to pragmatic inquiry and discourse—over wine? And with two very different kinds of experts in the field: An academic who has written a wonderful chapter in our new book, and a wine-merchant who specializes in small vineyards! We tasted ideas, words, and wines.

Moments of Valuation-- wine tasting, WZB March 25 2015

Moments of Valuation– wine tasting, WZB March 25 2015

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The 2nd international Hidden Hunger congress hosted by the University of Hohenheim was information-rich. Between Tuesday March 3rd and Friday March 6th 2015 the program offered the approximately 360 participants from around the globe

  • 66 lectures,
  • 35 poster presentations,
  • 2 panel discussions and
  • 1 film

by experts from numerous disciplines, such as nutrition, gynecology, pediatrics, agricultural sciences, and economics.

The scientific program was complemented by a “Science Meets Culture” stream , with 6 artists and 3 students from the Transdisciplinarity Master’s Program of the Zürich University of the Arts.

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