— Cultural Sources of Newness

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As an academic, I have lived for many years in the world of “publish or perish.” Now a clause in the publishing contract I am about to sign and the dangerous experiences of a colleague at the WZB are alerting me to the brave new world of “publish and perish.”

§3.6 “The Editor shall ensure that all the material produced by the contributors and by the Editor for inclusion in the Work: (e) does not, so far as can reasonably be determined by the Editor, contain any statements of fact which are not true or any recipe formula diagram or instruction which if followed accurately will cause illness injury or damage to the user” [sic]*

The book we are preparing will contain a chapter about new perfumes and another about the market for wines. Both substances can be considered to entail potential health risks if ingested in large quantities. Should we add a warning label to the text to protect ourselves from the consequences of readers’ consumption behaviour during or after spending time with our book?

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