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After two full days of presentations, interviews, and discussions here in Seoul, several features are emerging for us about how Koreans are learning from and with artistic interventions in organizations.

The fun and honor of being interviewed by poet and management professor Sim Bo seon, Kyun Hee Cyber University

The fun and honor of being interviewed by poet and management professor Sim Bo Seon, Kyun Hee Cyber University

  • The cases we have seen so far have all been in the IT sector–which may say something about the willingness of managers in this sector to embark on innovative approaches to innovation, but our sample is too small to generalize from.  It is not coincidental that in all of the companies the CEO or another manager is taking a course with Professor Jeon at the Korea National University of the Arts and they are all being coached by him in his role with ARCOM in designing their interventions. We are witnessing the birth of a Korean intermediary/producer of artistic interventions.
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Flying unprepared to an international conference to which one has been invited as a keynote speaker can be considered arrogant and/or unprofessional. I hope I am neither, but this is what I decided to do last week for the 3rd Participatory Innovation Conference in Lahti, Finland . I had not taken the decision alone: the idea was born out of a conversation with Finnish artist Nanna Hänninen , who had been invited to contribute an artistic response to a selection of papers that had been submitted to the conference. During the conversation we had in my office at the WZB in May about artistic interventions in organizations, we decided to propose to the conference organizers to transform our separate roles into a joint contribution that would combine academic and artistic perspectives. Co-chair Helinä Melkas welcomed our unusual and risky suggestion, which she felt fit well with the theme and nature of the conference: innovation and participation as performance. And I felt that the idea fit well with one of the key findings of my research on artistic interventions in organizations, namely that one of the most valuable contributions that artists bring into organizations is the capacity to engage not-knowing. The conference offered an opportunity for me to shift from writing about the concept to actually trying to do it in partnership with an artist.

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The two corporate speakers at a private concert last night put conversions on my mind. One spoke of converting us to ambassadors for the musicians, and the other described her own conversion to their music and her experience with colleagues and clients her company had invited to the group’s concerts. The two types of conversions occupied my mind throughout the concert: the conversion of listeners to become financial supporters, and the conversion from the ranks of the “uninitiated” to active supporters of the group’s chamber music.  

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