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Last week, I finally read a paper by our colleague Ignacio Farías. This was both surprising and inspiring. I was surprised because it seems that Ignacio and I have both, independently of one another, sat down—Ignacio in Boston, Massachusetts and I in Berlin—to think about urban sounds and noises. Ignacio is interested in urban ‘anti-noise activities’ and how they relate to ‘new ways of practicing citizenship and democracy’ in European cities. He considers these policies as ways of ‘governing urban conviviality’. My interest in urban sound studies was triggered by my research on urban lighting. Can methods for monitoring urban sounds inform social research on the impact of city lights? Despite the differences? ‘The issue of noise is a more sensitive one when compared to light’, said one of the experts I interviewed. According to his experiences, people are more aware of problems with noise.

Since Ignacio is still abroad we cannot exchange ideas over coffee I use this blog as an archive for some fugitive thoughts on the material problems posed by immaterial waves.

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