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After conducting so much research on the impacts of artistic interventions in organizations and the roles that intermediaries play in the process of linking artists and organizations, it was particularly interesting to witness the potential beginning of a new project. I introduced an experienced intermediary for the Fondation de France program “Nouveaux Commanditaires  / New Patrons  to the CEO of a French Group. Over lunch I listened to their exploratory conversation and observed the zigzag movement between clarifying and blurring understanding, as they posed each other questions, explained the structures and processes of their organizations, and started formulating desirable and unwanted outcomes.

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My first Sunday in Konstanz as a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study Konstanz started with the discovery of a “controversial new idea” presented by public artist from the UK, Andrew Shoben, on a BBC Radio 4 program “Change of Art”. Schoben is concerned that art works created in the past decades appear to have little or no meaning to the public in whose midst they are placed. He is looking into “decommissioning” art that was created in response to a commission by a government body (e.g., local authority) by rotating or retiring the art work. The BBC site led me to the blog of a PhD student in the UK who is conducting interesting research on public art.

Lenk's Imperia with pope and king, Konstanz harbour

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