— Cultural Sources of Newness

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Some articles are too stimulating to read alone. J.K. Gibson-Graham’s provocative article “Diverse economies: performative practices for ‘other worlds’” cries out for conversations. It challenges researchers to become “conscious of the role of [our] work in creating or ‘performing’ the worlds we inhabit.” The authors invite us to go further than this by using our “power to bring new worlds into being. Not single-handedly, of course, but alongside other world-makers, both inside and outside the academy.” (2008: 614)

I invited colleagues in Audencia Nantes School of Management to talk about this article over lunch today to see how the questions and suggestions the authors raise there resonate with their self-conceptions as researchers. Even a French lunch is not enough time to do the article justice, but it started the kind of conversation we too rarely take the time to engage in during our full schedules. 

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